Wednesday, July 29, 2009

8 ’Av


Jewish date:  8 ’Av 5769.

Today’s holidays:  The Nine Days, Feast of Paschal Beverly Randolph.

Relevant to tomorrow’s holiday (the fast of 9 ’Av):  “The day after the Ninth of Av”, “Must we lose the two Temples again?”, and “Jacob Richman's Hot Sites - Jewish - Fast Day - Tisha B'Av”.

Today’s quasi-holiday:  The Anniversary of NASA.

Worthy cause of the day:  The American Red Cross is asking for blood donors.  If you are eligible to give blood, please do so as soon as reasonably possible.  This is a much easier and safer way to save a life (or two or three) than running into a burning building.  Be a hero and give blood.

Today’s news and commentary:
Weird things will resume after the Nine Days.  Have an easy fast.  Peace.

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