Monday, July 20, 2009

Beware of lines


Jewish date:  28 Tammuz 5769.

Today’s holiday:  The Three Weeks.

Today’s quasi-holiday:  Moon Day.

Relevant to Divine Misconceptions:
  1. “Protesters Gather Outside Islamic Conference Near Chicago”:  General rule:  Never trust anyone when there is good reason to believe they are lying.  And while some people have a good reason to lie (e.g., they are going to be killed if they tell the truth about what they really believe or do), viewing positively those who lie to cover up their support of terrorism are not among them.
  2. “Opinion: Gov. Mark Sanford writes about scandal:  Mistakes can offer valuable lessons”:  This is an apology by the governor of South Carolina for his recently publicized mistakes (to put it gently).  The good news is he places himself in God’s hands.  This is a start.  However, repentance is more than feeling bad and surrendering to God; he needs to do something to change his behavior, or he will likely make the same mistakes again.  Once in God’s hands, he just stays there and expects things will get better.  His plans for future action seem to be limited to better advocacy of his political agenda.  Nowhere is there any mention of doing anything about his marital indiscretions or his going absent without leave from his job as governor.
  3. Time for an update on the latest episode Kings, this time “The New King, Part One”.   The part that looks the most like Samuel is that Silas is out to kill David, much as Sha’ul tried to kill Dawidh.  Also David, despite this, remains as loyal to Silas as possible, much as Dawidh remained loyal to Sha’ul.  Silas is also angry at Jack for his support of David, paralleling Sha’ul’s anger at Yonathan for his friendship with Dawidh, and in a shift from its original context Michelle helps David escape, albeit without the statue Mikhal used as a decoy to help Dawidh escape.  On the other hand, the handover of Prosperity City to Gath, the attempted assassination against Silas, Rose and William’s machinations, and Silas going to his mistress’s house to die in peace are all without Biblical precedent.  In the next and final episode, I expect the series to end with the wedding of David and Michelle and David becoming king.  Intuition also suggests that Silas and Jack will die.
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