Monday, July 13, 2009


Jewish date:  21 Tammuz 5769.

Today’s holidays:  The Three Weeks, Synaxis of the Arch Angel Gabriel.

Today’s quasi-holiday:  Embrace Your Geekness Day.

Worthy cause of the day:  “Help California Save Its State Parks”.

Relevant to Divine Misconceptions:
  1. “Netanyahu's "Nazi Language"?”:  The logical fallacy known as the Nazi card is an attempt to get the reader/listener to condemn something by associating it with Adolph Hitler or the Nazis.  The point of this is to generate such a negative emotional response that the reader/listener does not think rationally about the subject.  Usually this is done by claiming that Hitler or the Nazis were somehow for or did something, e.g., “Sugar is bad. Sugar rots your teeth. Sugar makes you hyper. Hitler ate sugar.” from the Daria episode “Pinch-Sitter”.  This HonestReporting report documents a new variant on the Nazi card, with Binyamin Nethanyahu being condemned because he used the term Judenrein to describe how the so-called “Palestinians” want a state of their own to be.  The (anti-Semitic) people attacking him are trying to invoke a negative emotional response and totally ignoring whether this description is accurate or fair.
  2. More religious intolerance:  “Churches and Envoy Attacked in Iraq”.
  3. The latest episode of Kings, “Javelin”, draws to some degree on Sha’ul’s attempts to kill Dawidh.  Silas puts David on trial for treason—he is very, very angry that David did not tell him of his affair with Michelle, not to mention he views David’s popularity as a danger to his own—with Jack as the prosecutor.  The evidence is false testimony and faked video footage.  Silas plays on David and Jack’s sense of loyalty to get them to play along with this travesty of justice.  David’s loyalty is so strong that he refuses an attempt to break him out of custody and to overthrow Silas.  Furthermore, Michelle finds out she is pregnant with David’s child, and Rose is also not above playing politics to keep Michelle from testifying on David’s behalf.  Eventually Jack, finding his job unconscionable, refuses to accede to Silas’s scheme, and he, too, is arrested for treason.  This is not how the events in Samuel unfolded, but Silas’s irrational jealousy for David is a decent reflection of Sha’ul’s for Dawidh.  This episode ends leading us to believe further turmoil ahead in the next episode.
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Today’s weird thing is “Things to Do Without Access To The Internet”.
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