Thursday, July 23, 2009

Job application stupidity of the day


I need to kvech about these two advertisements for jobs at a single organization (remaining nameless here so as to not ruin my chances of getting employed by them) I plan on trying to apply to in a moment.  In a well-written job advertisement, the requirements are given clearly so that potential applicants can easily determine whether or not they are qualified.  In these advertisements, part of the requirements are given in a cryptic code peculiar to the organization.  Furthermore, they do not even have the courtesy to tell the applicant where to find a guide to crack the code.  Rather, they assume the applicant either knows the code already or finds it fun to hunt down a guide to the code, only to discover the actual requirements could be easily expressed in fewer words than the code uses.  This is a recipe for making potential applicants think that whoever came up with such a system or perpetuates it is an incompetent idiot.  If you are the suspected incompetent idiot who is responsible for such opaque copy, do something smart and competent and hire me to teach you how to write.  If I have to read such awful stuff, I might as well get paid for it.

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