Sunday, April 25, 2010

How to stop the Machines when they try to take over


Jewish date:  11 ’Iyyar 5770 (Parashath ’Emor).

Today’s quasi-holidays:   Global Youth Service DayANZAC Day, World Malaria Day.

Worthy causes of the day:  “Reform Immigration For America | Racial profiling? Not in our America!”, “Tell Obama to Further Support Malaria Vaccine Research - Take Action Today @ The Hunger Site”, “Friends of the Earth U.S.:  Tell the Obama Administration to Reject a New Pipeline for the World's Dirtiest Oil”, “CARE:  Child Marriage:  A Promise of Poverty”, “Health Care for America NOW! | Demand Our $$ Spent on Health Care Not Profits”, “Take Action:  WITH WALL STREET OR WITH US?”, “Stop senseless wolf killing in our country! - The Petition Site”, “Take Action | Earth Day Network”, “Take Action: Speak out for Sudan | Save Darfur”, “ Political Action: We need a criminal investigation of Wall Street”, “Tell Big Banks: Party's Over - The Petition Site”, and “Close the Loophole: Help Close the Gun Show Loophole. Keep Guns Out of the Hands of Criminals.”.  (My posting got put off due to working on a review of the Uplift Series, so there is a big backlog.)

 Today’s news and commentary:
Tetrominoes in their Tetris Worlds colors (whi...Image of Tetris thingamajigs via Wikipedia
Today’s weird thing is “First Video of Lego Robot Playing Tetris”.  So now instead of just humans being addicted to video games, robots are also now being subjected to wastes of time.  Intuition suggests this may be a way of defeating the Machines when they try to take over.  Enjoy and share the weirdness.

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