Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Weird thing of the day 24 May 2005/15 'Iyyar 5765 (Day 30 of the `Omer)


Back to political griping: There have been a number of good articles on Backspin lately: “Who is a Palestinian?”, “BBC's idea of balance”, and the statistically inclined “Reassessing Palestinian numbers”. I would also like to note the article “EU ties with terror organizations worry Israel”. The latter is the sort of moral incompetence on Europe’s part which makes me believe the way to a real peace requires that Israel cut all third parties out of the process and do what is needed to stop terror, regardless of what anyone else thinks about it. The nicest realistic solution I can imagine is expelling all Stateless Arabs (“Palestinians”) who show even the least hint of condoning terror. (The expulsion of those who commit terror goes without saying.) If Egypt, Jordan, and Syria do not want their citizens back, the European Union would make a fitting destination.

Today’s weird thing is REAL WOOD COMPUTER CASES - Do you want a wooden laptop? Welcome to www.zaverio.net - The FIRST in Wooden Laptops and wooden moddings - Fine Italian Handcraft! Legnatile, Wooden case, wooden laptop, USB pen, and other! italian, handcraft, italiano, manufatto, dammuso, ancient, medieval, medioevale, medioevo, wooden, laptop, modding, case, legnatile, legno, computer, case, mod, mods, woods, dell, tower, minitower, usb, pen, oak, tree, ancient, alchemy, alchimia, fulcanelli, dyne, jaromil, rasta, rastasoft, emergelab, poetry, hacklab, freaknet, medialab, asbesto, molesto, gabriele, zaverio, vigevano, palazzolo, acreide, sicilia, siracusa. (That is the entire title of their page and probably the longest page title I have ever seen.) Enjoy.

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