Sunday, May 8, 2005

Weird thing of the day 8 May 2005/29 Nisan 5765 (Day 14 of the `Omer/Mother's Day/No Socks Day/First Feast Day of Saint Michael the Archangel)


Recurring commenter update: If you haven’t noticed, Bobby Awesome hasn’t posted any commentary in a while. When I recently complained of my software budget woes, he was possessed with a fear I might shut the blog down, thereby erasing his commentary from human memory forever. I assured him that blogs on this site are free, so no matter how bad my financial situation becomes, so long as I have Internet access, this blog can continue to be updated. Furthermore, I noted, if he wants his words on the Web, he can always get his own blog. Nevertheless, he is worried that an unhappy Aaron would be inclined to delete his (or any other “cool”) commentary (not to mention the posts he made without authorization when I was in the Monsey area at a friend’s wedding), so he has made it his mission to find a way to “save” the Weird thing of the day. To this end, he has spent a lot of time recently in his “top secret headquarters”, devising a plan to increase my income and thereby save his posts. I am glad that he has decided to be so industrious and look forward to reviewing any ideas he has to propose.

Political update: Two interesting articles have been noted on Backspin: 1) “Jeff Jacoby on U.S. media bias” argues on why anti-Semitism may not be a cause of anti-Israel bias in the media. 2) “Arab Writers Fight Terrorism” reports refreshingly on Arab dissidents complaining about Arab terrorism and the rationalization of it in the media.

Since today is Mother’s Day, today’s weird thing is the touching article “Surrogate Mom Gives Birth to Quintuplets”. Enjoy.

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