Friday, May 6, 2005

Weird thing of the day 5 May 2005/26 Nisan 5765 (Day 11 of the `Omer/Holocaust Memorial Day/Ascension/Cinco de Mustache/National Hoagie Day)


Worthy cause of the day: MoveOn PAC has a new petition. If I may quote:
    On Sunday morning, Christian Coalition founder Rev. Pat Robertson told TV viewers nation-wide that the threat posed by liberal federal judges "probably more serious than a few bearded terrorists who fly into buildings."

    Robertson's statement is only the most outrageous example of a growing effort from the extreme right to whip up an intense fear and hatred of American judges. The strategy is designed to build support for the Republican "nuclear" scheme to break the rules and stack the courts — and it is poisonous to our democracy. Republican leaders must reject these comments and end the intimidation now.
You can find more on this subject at MoveOn's site.

Political ranting of the day: Apparently 2004 not only experienced a tripling of the terrorism rate (compared to 2003), but also was the 15-year high for anti-Semitic incidents. (The article is unclear as to what areas are covered by the study. All the countries mentioned are in Europe.) This does not inspire much confidence in the state of European tolerance and makes me wonder why Europe bothers making pretenses that it knows how to make peace between Israel and hostile Arabs when it is doing a worse job than ever at keeping the peace between its own citizens.

Weird thing of the day: “Soldier suspected of being neo-Nazi”. The weird part is that this is happening in Israel.

Be scared or depressed or something. (It’s Holocaust Memorial Day. Not much to enjoy right now.)

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