Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Weird thing of the day 4 May 2005/25 Nisan 5765 (Day 10 of the `Omer)


Worthy causes of the day: Yesterday’s weird thing dealt with compostable mobile phones that can be turned into flowers. For those of you who do not receive this blog in mail format or do not normally read the comments, Jessica noted two worthy causes which are branches of The Wireless Foundation, DONATE A PHONE and CALL TO PROTECT, both of which collect mobile phones for charitable purposes and thus help protect the environment by reusing old but functional technology rather than discarding it, not to mention raise money for other worthy causes.

Political griping of the day: Mind-bogglingly, the Stateless Arab (“Palestinian”) Authority’s official newspaper is wishing Saddam Hussein a happy birthday. The mind-boggling part is that Saddam hid in a hole in the ground like a coward rather than blow himself up like a “real man” according to the Stateless Arab ideal of martyrdom when the US invaded, thus making him so dishonorable that one would think no one would want to identify with him, period. Meanwhile, in April there were 54% more Stateless Arab attacks on Israel than there were in March, despite pretenses that there has been a ceasefire.

Continuing the theme of violence, today’s weird thing is the article “Hubble Sees Galaxy on Verge of Destruction”. (And people used to think the heavens were static...) Enjoy.

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