Friday, March 2, 2007

‪י״ב אדר תשס״ז * 2 March 2007: In memory of Templeton Trouble Tolman


Worthy cause of the day: “It's time to take on Fox”.

Note: Purim is Saturday night and Sunday! See The Orthodox Union’s Web-site for more information.

Today’s news and commentary:Barry wrote me this morning, saying:
I am sorry to report that our last rat, Templeton Trouble Tolman, was found dead this morning at the age of 3. Templeton was a very good rat and in honor of his memory I would like you to post something on your blog which tells about the great benefit rats have been to humans.
I sympathize deeply with Barry and his family on the loss of their rat. Unfortunately, in my magic weird thing of the day source folder I do not seem to have anything on rats, period. Today’s weird thing is therefore something I hope Templeton would have appreciated, » Live Cheddar Cheese direct from the Westcountry ». Enjoy this weird thing, share the weirdness with the rats in your life, and Shabbath shalom.

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