Thursday, May 3, 2007

emo day

hey dudes!!!

my friend elizabeth "zee" whitlock wrote this cool story its better than anything AARRON ever puts on this thing enjoy

The Boy Who Cried “Emo”

Once upon a time about two weeks ago, a boy named Sammy was all alone and bored at a mall. So since he was bored, he decided to pop into Hot Topic.

There he saw magical emo kid clothes that made him feel deep and sensitive to other’s feelings. On the labels they called the clothes “emo.” Sammy decided to call himself emo.

“I’m totally emo!” he proclaimed to everyone.

Just then a group of emo kids came by, hoping to find new meat to train in their whiney, retarded ways. Instead, they said, “Hey! He’s not emo! We’re leaving!” So they did.

Sammy was annoyed. So he went out and bought tight jeans and band t-shirts. The next day he came back to Hot Topic and proclaimed: “I am very emo!” The same group of emo kids came back. They were not impressed.

“No you’re not, you’re a poser! You’re not emo!” they said. They warned him not to cry “emo” again or they wouldn’t come back.

So the next week all he did was do that hair-flippy thing and listen to nothing but the Get-Up Kids and the sound of his own tears.

Sammy mustered up the strength to go back to the mall again to be emo one last time. He yelled, “Look, guys, I’m emo!”

To that they replied, “You’re emo, huh? Well then, go kill yourself.”

And he did.

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