Thursday, August 14, 2008

13 ’Av 5768: Assistance Dog Day


Worthy causes of the day: RED CARD FOR MUGABE!, Reform American Health Care, Tell McCain: No Offshore Drilling, Tell Obama: No Offshore Drilling, and “Birth control is NOT abortion.”

Relevant to Divine Misconceptions: “Prayer video that sought a Barack Obama drenching gets yanked”. Evangelical Stuart Shepard asked if it would be so wrong for people to pray to God to make it Barack Obama at a particular event. As far as prayers go, it is rather immature. The whole idea is something embarrassing to Obama, something those who do not agree with Obama’s views would find funny. The Deity has the job of running the entire Universe. Considering how much He has to keep track of and deal with, don’t you think He has more important things to do than pulling pranks?

Today’s news and commentary:Today’s weird thing is “Save The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus”. Enjoy and share the weirdness with the octopus you love.


UPDATE:  Regarding the passwords article:  I apologize for forgetting to include my method of making it harder to guess passwords, security questions, and security answers.  I take all these from text that happens to be around me at the time I need them.  E.g., I am listening to the Mahabharata right now, so if I needed to create a new password or other security information right now, I might use the next few words I hear, such as “misunderstands the line completely” (actually from commentary on the Mahabharata).  Since I deal with a vast amount of text even in the space of a single day, the exact text of any password or other security information is difficult, if not impossible to guess.  This method can also be trivially adapted to “mine” passwords and security information from television, radio, or any medium where words are used.  The downside of my method is that it requires writing down such information somewhere, but that is true of practically any password unless one has an infallible memory.
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