Monday, August 11, 2008

Job application stupidity of the day


I am unemployed, and I am going to kvech about it.  This is my blog.

I just applied for two jobs at one place, and the form was apparently designed by a moron.
  1. The form requested information already in my curriculum vitae.  This is always a bad idea, since it gives the message that the employers do not care about all the time and effort prospective employees put into résumés and curricula vitae.  The last people anyone wants to work for is someone who does not care about their employees.
  2. The form requested information that is irrelevant.  Anyone applying for a job which requires a college degree or higher should never be asked for information on high school.
  3. The form requested information on previous salary.  This is none of their business.
  4. Many forms mark items that must be filled in with an asterisk.  If an item is not marked as obligatory, it should never be treated as such.
Recommendation:  Someone should hire me to critique their job application forms.  The ideal form is one which does nothing other than allow submission of a résumé or curriculum vitae.  Anything else in the form should be request information that is relevant that would not otherwise be submitted.

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