Thursday, February 5, 2009

11 Shevaṭ 5769: Weatherman’s Day


Worthy causes of the day: “Bring Gilad Shalit Home” and “Urge the Obama Administration to Protect Whales from Bush's Final Salvo”.

Relevant to Divine Misconceptions:
  1. More countries receive failing grades when it comes to freedom of religion: “KAZAKHSTAN: 'This is a highly dangerous precedent'”,“Anti-conversion bill: minorities fear restrictions on religious freedom”, and “Indonesia: Sharia-Based Laws Creep Into Half Of Provinces”.
  2. “Animal advocacy group's peace plan: 'Give Peas a Chance'”: This is about trying to promote peace between the “Palestinians” and Israel through promoting less violence towards animals. Frankly I would like to see some (or any) research indicating that consumption of meat causes violence towards humans. I suppose one could make an argument that people who kill their own meat might be desensitized towards violence, but does not apply to most of us.
  3. “Call for pope to step down over Holocaust denier” and “Vatican Demands Holocaust Denier Publicly Recant”: Pope Benedict XVI keeps getting deeper in trouble and starts to crumble on Richard Williamson.
  4. “Congo children branded as witches, abducted: U.N.”: Labeling someone as a witch does not make it so. One needs evidence!
  5. 2009 Darwin Week in Charleston | February 08-15: Be there on the 10th and give me every reason to think what I am saying is wrong!
Today’s news and commentary:Today’s weird thing is “Parental IQ versus Child’s Age”.
song chart memes
I remember something about Samuel Clemens saying something very akin to this. Enjoy and share the weirdness.


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