Thursday, February 12, 2009

18 Shevaṭ 5769: Darwin Day/Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday


Worthy cause of the day: “Support a Truth & Reconciliation Commission”.

Relevant to Divine Misconceptions:
  1. More violations of freedom of religion: “UZBEKISTAN: Unregistered Hare Krishna devotees and Protestants raided”, “BELARUS: Danes deported for praying in church”, “British Ban Dutch Lawmaker Over Anti-Islam Film”, “ARMENIA: Two years' imprisonment for organising sharing of faith?”
  2. “Tenn. church shooter pleads guilty, gets life”: The logic the shooter used to rationalize attacking people at a Unitarian church is rather bizarre, as it is written:
    "This was a hate crime," Adkisson wrote in the four-page suicide letter obtained by The Knoxville News Sentinel. "This was a symbolic killing. Who I wanted to kill was every Democrat in the House and Senate ... (and) everyone in the mainstream media. But these people were inaccessible to me.

    "I couldn't get to the generals and high-ranking officers of the Marxist movement so I went after the foot soldiers, the chicken (expletive) liberals that vote in these traitorous people."
    The premise that Democrats and the mainstream media are all Marxists and traitors is obviously delusional or at least based on very bad data. Notice that nowhere in the article is any real justification for killing anyone. The shooter was angry and decided to take out his frustrations on people he blamed for his troubles. Ironically, the shooter labeled his victims “un-American”, but what he did was disrespectful of freedom of belief, illegal, and immoral, i.e., very much against American ideals.
  3. “Arrests for Ugandan ritual murder”: Another example of why one always needs to be sure in advance that one’s premises are correct before doing anything irreversible and the danger of belief in witchcraft.
  4. “Holocaust denial is the least of it”: This is another take on the William Robinson scandal.
  5. “With political discrimination in the wake of pogroms, Orissa Christians cannot vote”: India has its own problems of religious intolerance.
Today’s news and commentary:Today’s weird thing is “Steampunk Cake!” Enjoy and share the weirdness.

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