Friday, June 24, 2005

Picture experiment and stuff


I just found out that Blogger is now allowing for uploading images to blogs, so I thought I’d give it a try. This smiley face was created for me by my brother Barry and is my official icon.

I still hate the Finder. I’m getting the rainbow pizza far too often. I can’t believe this is a commercial release.

Political update (because I’m in a bad mood): Bush administration political advisor Karl Rove insulted and brazenly lied the Democrats. The Democrats demanded an apology. The White House engaged in making pathetic excuses for Rove’s behavior. All those who think the Democrats will be more cooperative in Congress, stand on your heads.

The Federal Government is cracking down on people who make medical use of marijuana. They don’t care that many states have legalized medical use of marijuana, and they have no interest in whether or not they is any experimental evidence to support its use. If they want to pick on people who are actually dangerous, let them arrest the entire tobacco industry.

The Pentagon is turning into Big Brother for students.

The Supreme Court has ruled that the city may seize your home or business and give it to anyone who will generate more tax revenue. This is a disgusting abuse of the concept of eminent domain, and I hope everyone who promotes such an abuse and the judges who ruled for it all have their homes and businesses bulldozed because of it.

Meanwhile in Zimbabwe, the government is demolishing the homes of poor squatters who support the opposition.

Be scared.

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