Monday, June 20, 2005

Weird thing of the day 20 June 2005/13 Siwan 5765 (Ice Cream Soda Day/Midsummer Night)


I’m feeling allergic, and that’s not going to make printing up business cards for my trip to Toronto next week any easier.

Political update: See the last few posts on Backspin to find out whose pants are on fire. And somebody remind me later to put a link to them in my sidebar.

Weird news update: Gas-guzzling SUV limos are the new “in” thing in certain circles. (Anyone interested in a social engineering project, please make fuel efficiency cool and get those abominations off the road.) Meanwhile, potato farmers in the UK have taken social engineering into their own hands and have protested to have the term “couch potato” removed from the Oxford English Dictionary, claiming it gives potatoes an undeserved reputation.

In honor of Ice Cream Soda Day, today’s weird thing is one of those silly things that is doomed to wander the Internet forever, included below. I got this version from Emily, but I’ve seen another one. Enjoy.


Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream is now available in Israel... in the following
Wailing Wal nut

Moish mellow

Mazel Toff ee


Oy Ge-malt

Mi Ka-mocha.

Soda & Gamorra

Bernard Malamint

Berry Pr'i Hagafen

Choc-Eilat Chip

and finally (drum roll,please).........Simchas T'oreo.

It should also be noted that all these flavors come in a Cohen
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