Friday, June 17, 2005

Weird thing of the day 17 June 2005/10 Siwan 5765


Today’s post is sponsored, though to my surprise Bobby Awesome did not do the legwork to get the ad.

The Legion for a Better Tomorrow through Promotion of the GOP’s Agenda (formerly the Legion of Doom) is offering generous rewards for information leading to public revelation of secret identities. If you can prove who certain people really are beyond a shadow of a doubt, you may become fabulously wealthy!

The Tick—Bounty: $10,000
Daredevil—Bounty: $100,000
The Flash—Bounty: $1,000,000
Spider-Man—Bounty: $5,000,000
Superman—Bounty: $10,000,000
Bobby Awesome—Bounty: $5

Thanks to Karl Rove, Batman has already been outed. Help us unmask the rest and make the world a better place! Call us at 1-888-LGN-DOOM.

Star Wars update: “'Star Wars' princess inspires royal name in Norway”. (I cannot make this up. It’s not my fault!)

Political updates:One common stunt people pull is overclocking, which is a method to make computers run faster. Today’s weird thing is The Richfiles: TI-Calculator Turbo Page, which describes the much sillier variant of making calculators run faster. Enjoy or be puzzled or something.

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