Friday, June 10, 2005

Worthy cause of the day and other politics


MoveOn PAC has another petition for us: Tell the Truth About Iraq. The aim of the petition is to demand from Bush that he stop sticking his head in the sand over the “Downing Street Memo”, which shows he knowingly fabricated intelligence in order to have a reason to go to war with Iraq. If you have not signed the petition I mentioned yesterday, please sign either and send the message to our illegitimate president that ignoring bad things does not make them go away.

Other political stuff: The US has a really hypocritical policy that any Cuban refugees who reach our shores get to stay, but if they’re intercepted at sea, they get sent back. (Is Cuba a place one can morally send people or not?) The Security Department is not backing up its data, thereby risking devastating data loss. And in Israel, less than half of the populace supports disengagement in Gaza. This puts him a further step into the political danger zone since he now has 1) a minority government, 2) much of his own party against him, and 3) support from only a minority of the country. I’m surprised he hasn’t been toppled by a vote of no-confidence or assassinated already. Since he still seems determined to go ahead with the withdrawal despite his dwindling political support, one of these may yet come to pass.

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