Monday, June 6, 2005

Weird news update


I’m feeling seriously weirded out right about now. I just found out less than half an hour ago that Apple is now planning on transitioning Macintoshes to Intel chips. Needless to say, lots of people are furious, if for no other reason than Intel chips are junk. (Anyone else remember that the early Pentium chips could not do floating-point arithmetic properly? I’ve done assembly language programming for 80x86, and believe me, the architecture only makes sense when you realize it was designed to be backwards-compatible with a 4-bit chip meant for use in calculators.) What effect this will have on the future of the platform is a big question. To me this whole thing sounds like an April Fool’s Day joke about two months late.

Political update (because I feel like it): Apparently the US recently spied on Israel. (Pollard allegedly spying for Israel on the US is practically an unforgivable crime, but the US spying on Israel is OK?) The French newspaper Le Monde has been found guilty of propagating anti-Semitism and has been forced to apologize publicly. The ruling is unprecedented, but the media has decided to ignore it for some reason. (Shared guilt?) And finally, today, without provocation, Arabs stoned Jews visiting the Temple Mount. Abbas blamed Israel; apparently he is under the false impression that Muslims own the Temple Mount and that anyone else who does anything that can even slightly be interpreted as contradicting this view is worthy of death. All those who believe that the alleged truce there is now means anything, stand on your head. I feel reinforced in my view that 1) the Temple Mount should be repossessed by the State of Israel and the Temple rebuilt as soon as possible, thereby putting a major dent in Muslim successionism and making a real peace more plausible and 2) that for there to be any peace treaty with the Stateless Arabs (“Palestinians”), who have broken every treaty they have made, Israel should accept nothing less than unconditional surrender and total disarmament before lightening up on them even in the slightest.

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