Monday, August 1, 2005

25 Tammuz 5765/1 August 2005: Air Force Day/Lammas/First Harvest


Political thinking: “Bad News”

Today’s weird thing is the article “Would-be nation-builders hunt for land”. In this article are mentioned a number of would-be nations people are trying to get off the ground, including the Mars Sovereignty. I must unconditionally deny the validity of the Mars Sovereignty, for I have already laid claim to Mars myself, actually having mentioned it to people and discussed with Barry the possibility of selling Martian money and titles of royalty. If the Martian Sovereignty (or any other pretender to the Martian throne) disputes my claim, we can discuss having him fight me or my representative with Nerf weapons over territory. (It’s not like future settlers of Mars are likely to respect any such claim anyway.)

Somebody please remind me to put up a tongue-in-cheek page about the Antipolitical Martian Empire, delineating the boundaries of my territory, links to information on Mars, and requesting feedback on whether anyone is interested in buying Martian money, titles of royalty, passports, T-shirts, or other Martian products.

Proposed T-shirt: “Mom and Dad went to Mars, and all I got was this crummy T-shirt”.

Bonus weird thing: The Darian System, a system of calendars for Mars and other worlds in the Solar system. This is a bad idea since 1) multiplying calendars unnecessarily is needlessly confusing, 2) people living off-Earth are going to be spending most of their time indoors, where whether it’s locally day or night is irrelevant, especially where the local day is so long the calendar artificially breaks it up into more convenient “circads”, and 3) the last thing anyone needs in a calendar is named months. Named months (and days, for that matter), are an extra burden on the memory. The Jewish calendar for a period discarded all the names for its months and referred to them only by number, so it was obvious where in the calendar any month was. The current system of month names are Babylonian and largely idolatrous in origin (e.g., Tammuz); as such, adopting them was a clear mistake. Remembering 12 month names and their order is enough of a pain; remembering 24 is really pushing it. Better just to stick to the existing Terran calendars.

Aaron, Antipolitical Martian Emperor
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