Thursday, August 11, 2005

6 'Av 5765/11 August 2005: The Time Machine


Worthy cause of the day: Please sign’s petition that George W. Bush meet with Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a US soldier who died in Iraq and who wants to discuss the war with him and is sitting vigil outside his ranch until he complies.

Worthy sermon: “Sinas Chinam” by Rabbi Mordechai Willig. Note: This sermon is in Judeo-English and thus many terms, including the title (“Causeless Hatred”) may be incomprehensible to those not sufficiently acquainted with the language. Translations:
  • passuk = verse
  • Eicha = Lamentations (Biblical book)
  • Tisha B’av = the Ninth of ’Av
  • Yerushalayim = Jerusalem
  • churban = destruction, specifically the destruction of the Temple
  • sinas chinam = causeless hatred
  • apikores = heretic
  • gemara = Talmudh
  • talmedei chachamim = religious scholars
  • rabbonim = rabbis
  • Beis Hamikdosh = Temple
  • halacha = Jewish law
  • hashkafa = outlook, moral philosophy
  • ge’ula = redemption, specifically the coming of the Messiah
Today’s quasi-weird thing, Herbert George Wells’s The Time Machine, a classist dystopia, was suggested by Barry. Go ponder.

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