Sunday, August 14, 2005

9 'Av 5765/14 August 2005: Nineteen Eighty-Four

Official literature of the day: ’Ekhah (Lamentations), available at Mechon Mamre. I have also received a link to more sermons.

Today is the Ninth of ’Av, anniversary of the destruction of both Temples and numerous other tragedies in Jewish history. As such, for today’s quasi-weird thing I have reserved a particularly nightmarish classic of dystopic fiction, George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. It is particularly relevant to today’s political situation; even though (thank God!) no country is as ultimately totalitarian as Oceania, Eurasia, or Eastasia, aspects of them appear in real life. I am particularly disturbed that many of the Arab and Muslim countries have implemented the Oceanian Party slogan “WAR IS PEACE” in the form of an unending jihad against Israel. They yell and scream about how horrible Israel is and threaten to destroy it, but all they really do is tell the UN to condemn Israel and pay Stateless Arabs (“Palestinians”) to kill themselves in ways that do nothing to impair Israel’s ability to defend itself or retaliate. Militarily, this makes no sense, but politically, jihad has been transformed from a means of conquest to a means of control. Israel is the Arab countries’ scapegoat, the alleged cause for everything wrong in the region, as much as whichever country Oceania is at war with is to blame. Though not thoroughly convincing, it is convincing enough to distract much anger away from those in power and distract non-Muslim countries from overthrowing said tyrannies (most of the time). Before I even finished writing this post, I received a comment on Tuesday’s quasi-weird thing, correctly noting that “WAR IS PEACE” is also applicable to the Bush administration concerning Iraq. I could easily say something on “ignorance is strength”, changing the past, crimestop, blackwhiting, etc. with regard to current politics, but I definitely don’t have the time for it at the moment. Go ponder.
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