Thursday, August 4, 2005

28 Tammuz 5765/4 August 2005: Coast Guard Day


Worthy causes of the day: Teach Kids Peace, which has information on the tragic state of education of Stateless Arab (“Palestinian”) education (teaching hatred and glorifying suicide bombing) and petition calling on the US, Canada, the EU, the Arab League, and the UN to put pressure on the “Palestinian Authority” to stop to the brain-washing and teach peace and coexistence. Thank you, Barry, for suggesting this site.

Also, is requesting funds to prepare for the elections in 2006.

Today’s weird thing is “Join the battle of the planet names”. Yes, you, too, can suggest a name for 2003 UB313 (Sol X?). The name the discoverers used informally was “Xena” (I know the reference, and I cannot make something like that up), but they submitted another name to the International Astronomical Union. The latter name is currently being kept secret, but the people at New Scientist are asking for suggestions anyway. I suggested “Purple” in honor of the late Fred Rogers, with “Dave” (from the TV show Alf) as an alternative, noting that they would have to name 2003 EL61 “Alvin”. Enjoy.

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