Thursday, March 26, 2009

1 Nisan 5769: Old Jewish New Year/Make Up Your Own Holiday Day/Spinach Festival Day


In honor of Make Up Your Own Holiday Day, I hereby declare March 29 to be Rocky and Bullwinkle Day.  (You can tell what I watched yesterday in Hulu.)

Relevant to Divine Misconceptions:
  1. Nobody voted in the poll on whether to spin of a separate Divine Misconceptions blog.  I will interpret this as a sign not to do so.
  2. See Mishnah, Ro’sh hashShanah 1:1 for demonstration this is a Jewish New Year.  Specifically this is the new year used for dates in the Hebrew Bible.  I do not know why the new year was later shifted to 1 Tishri, six months later.
  3. More countries stomp on freedom of religion: “Morocco clamps down on Shiites”, “Saudi Arabia's Shia press for rights”, “Member of minority Yezidi sect killed in northern Iraq”, and “Tories 'prepared to defend' polygamy ban”.  For that last one, the West has a notion that anything happening between two or more consenting adults is OK, but somehow polygamy, even by consenting adults, is not.  Considering that polygamy has historically been considered acceptable and it is considered religiously acceptable or even desirable by some groups, this is an extremely surprising attitude.  After all, we hesitate to interfere with the practice of anyone’s religion unless it puts someone in grave danger.  And what is the danger in polygamy?  The fact that polygamy has been abused is irrelevant; there have been plenty of bad monogamous marriages and monogamous marriages used to deceive the government, but that does not mean monogamous marriages are inherently bad.  Note this is not a defense of child marriages or marriages where one or more partners are unwilling.  But if all partners are consenting adults, possessed of the collective financial means necessary for the endeavor, why should any government stand in their way?
  4. Muslims are doing a bad job trying to convince others to outlaw saying anything critical of Islam: “Atheists, believers oppose free speech curbs at UN”.
Today’s news and commentary:
Today’s weird thing is MagicCube5D. Enjoy, share the weirdness, and happy new year.


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