Monday, March 2, 2009

6 ’Adhar 5769: Old Stuff Day/Dr. Seuss’ Birthday/Read Across America Day/Fun Facts About Names Day


Relevant to Divine Misconceptions: “Pope, in new setback, retreats over bishop”:  To give some idea what went wrong, here is an example of what is written:
Critics have attacked Wagner for numerous statements he made in the past, including one in which he said Hurricane Katrina in 2005 was God's way punishing the city of New Orleans for its sins.

He also condemned the Harry Potter books as satanic, said homosexuality was curable, refused to allow women ministers in his church and ruled out lay participation in church affairs.

Soon after Wagner was appointed, 31 of the 39 deans (senior priests) in the Linz diocese passed a declaration of no confidence in Wagner, a rare event in the tightly governed Catholic Church and effectively an open revolt against the pope.
For the claim about Katrina, see the Book of Job, which is all about that bad things do happen to good people.  The idea of the Harry Potter series being Satanic is obvious reading an equation of Satanism and magic into a set of stories in which the characters seem to have little or no interest in religion.  I am under the impression that sexual preference is somewhat malleable, though I am not clear on whether psychologists can help retrain sexual preference reliably.  I leave the matters of church protocol to Catholics to decide.  Clearly they have a distaste for him, and I commend them for having more sense than him.

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