Sunday, June 14, 2009

Beware of bad music


Jewish date:  22 Siwan 5769.

Today’s holiday:  Corpus Christi.  (I have two iCal calendars giving different days for this holiday.  Go figure.)

Today’s quasi-holidays:  Family History Day, World Blood Donor Day, Flag Day.

Worthy cause of the day:  “Water for the World”, “Tell your senators: Support a Strong Public Healthcare Option”, and “Tell NMFS to Protect Sea Turtles”.

Today’s news and commentary:
Personal weirdness:  Over here in Charleston, we have a plant growing in one of the rain gutters of our house, shown in this photograph I took last week:
So far this plant has resisted two attempts to remove it with long-distance gripping tools.  If we are going to remove it, someone is going to have to going to have to use a ladder.  Somehow I am expecting the plant to have another trick up its (metaphorical) sleeve...

Today’s weird thing is “U know how they compared your playing”:
funny pictures of cats with captions
What I have trouble understanding is how the cat got into the guitar.  Enjoy and share the weirdness.

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