Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kirk to Enterprise...


Jewish date: 24 Siwan 5769.

Today’s holiday: Tuesday of the Eleventh Week of Ordinary Time.

Today’s quasi-holidays: Bloomsday, Fudge Day.

Worthy causes of the day: “Protect Montana's Glacier National Park from Canadian strip-mining pollution”, “Tell Congress: Pass a food safety bill with teeth”, “Stop Rising Teen Birth Rates and STD Infections”, and “Save key Clean Air Act provision”.

Relevant to Divine Misconceptions:
  1. “Bigotry alive for Christian Dalits”: This I do not understand. Since when did Christianity have or condone a caste system?
  2. “The Coming Storm: Obama and American Jewry”: Rav Boteach is reminding us of our responsibility of holding by what is moral, even at the cost of short-term gain in power or influence. I am not aware of any religion or other moral system which defines “moral” as “convenient”, so whoever compromises his/her integrity in this fashion is doing wrong—and when powerful people do wrong, the damage can be immense. Obama has arguably already made such a compromise in international diplomacy with the United States’s enemies. While he deserves our support for what he does right, he should not be exempted from criticism for what he does wrong. Otherwise we, too, make the same sort of mistake.
Today’s news and commentary:
Today’s weird thing, courtesy of Barry, is “Star Trek TOS Bluetooth Communicator”.

Enjoy, share the weirdness, and live long and prosper. And someone please send me one of these things.

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