Sunday, June 17, 2012

Derekh hamMelekh

Jewish date:  27 Siwan 5772 (Parashath Qoraḥ).

Today’s events:  Father’s Day (USA), World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought (UN).


Today’s entry in the series on Giv‘ath Shemu’el is Derekh hamMelekh (the Way of the King).  As usual, all descriptions may be embellished and should not depended upon in case of an emergency.

A passageway leading to a world inhabited by constructs from the C programming language.  Do not go there.  Such a place is too weird for any description to suffice.

A pot decorated with turtles.

A passage leading to the next street over.  (What?  Do you think all these passages lead to other worlds?)

Definitely the wrong place for fishing.  It is a few kilometers from here to the Mediterranean Sea.

A passageway decorated with two-dimensional ivy.

One of our local sheep, enjoying the shade.

“You need to get an expert in Web marketing.  No one is going to see my picture on the Internet.”

A duck trying to hide from the camera.

Two of our decorated gates.

Do not go down this passage.  There is a lunatic with about fifty banana cream pies at the other end, and he tends to throw them at strangers.

One of our painted electrical boxes.  This particular work was inspired by a prank on the Intefe home planet in which 5,038 college students painted a mountain blue in the middle of the night.  They only caught the perpetrators because many of them left behind suspicious blue footprints.

Ninja territory.  I was almost killed taking this picture.  Enough said.

Grass so wild it has to be kept fenced to stop it from attacking people.  Ninjas love this stuff.

A passageway leading to a psychedelic world.

A psychedelic tortoise from that world.

“I am not amused by your captions.”

More ninja territory.

“The world at the end of this passageway is under quarantine.  Smurfpox.  Very unpleasant.”

A lost pelican taking a rest before trying to find the ocean again.

“I’m an itty bitty tiny Intefe robot committee of one.  And I don’t care what my big siblings say about it!”

An attempt at life-size Tetris.  (I think.)

Two birds.  Not sure of the species.  They think the previous picture is a dovecot.

Enjoy and share the weirdness.


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