Thursday, June 7, 2012

Moṭah Gur Street

Jewish date:  17 Siwan 5772 (Parashath BeHa‘alothekha).

Today’s events:  Daniel Boone Day, Birthday of Prince Joachim (Denmark).


Continuing the series on Giv‘ath Shemu’el, today’s street of interest in Moṭah Gur Street.  (“Moṭah” is a  nickname for “Mordokhay”.)  As always, descriptions may wildly inaccurate for entertainment purposes, which may or may not be part of a devious plot to get tourists to come to Giv‘ath Shemu’el or people searching on the Internet to come to Weird thing of the day when searching for other things.

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Back to Moṭah Gur Street, which stretches from HazZethim Street to Menaḥem Beghin Street.

A passage reportedly leading to Atlantis, but which some claim actually leads to Albuquerque.  Many people around here tell me that space-warping technology is overhyped.  Many others tell me that Atlantis is overhyped to the point that anyone visiting it will invariably be disappointed.

A passage, guarded by two Intefe robots, reportedly leading to Mu, but which really leads to a field with cows.

Another passage, again guarded by Intefe robots, reportedly leading to Lemuria, but which really leads to a monkey house.

“Hey!  I’m going to be on Weird thing of the day!  Hi, Mom!”

 “Shut up, Ncniyjxhcz!  Gdsa65g465sa is coming down the street, and if he/she knows we’re here, our plan to pelt him/her with water balloons goes down the drain!”

Your humble blogger took these pictures on Israeli Independence Day.  Notice the patriotic decorations.

Groups of Intefe robots parading on the sidewalk in honor of Israeli Independence Day.

You may remember, dear reader, that there were Smurf houses on ’Allonim Street.  There are two Smurf houses here, too, whose owners have made them sufficiently mobile that they are normally found in the shadows on warm days.  I wanted the Smurfs to move their houses to a better-lit position for photography, but they were not home.  (The supermarket at the mall was having a special on Smurfberries.)

Tangent:  Due to their coloring and clothing preferences, Smurfs are considered patriotic in Israel.

Tangent:  Someone remind me to go back and photograph these Smurf houses again when their owners leave them in the Sun.

That weird lumpy thing is a sleeping giant slug.  Humans do not always realize what such slugs are and sometimes sit on them.

One of the Intefe robots told me this is the way to the Batcave.  That Intefe robot was yelled at by another robot who insisted the Batcave is in Tel ’Aviv.

See the ninja from Ḥayyim Bar Lev in this picture?  Of course not.  She hit me with a water balloon right after I took this picture.

Enjoy, share the weirdness, and beware of beings armed with water balloons.


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