Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mosheh Dayyan Alley

Jewish date:  22 Siwan 5772 (Parashath Shelaḥ).

Today’s events:  Magic Day, World Day Against Child Labour, Knit in Public Day.


It’s time again for another installment of your humble blogger’s series on Giv‘ath Shemu’el, and the street of the day is Mosheh Dayyan Alley.  As usual, captions may be inaccurate for your amusement and should not be taken too seriously.

This street is paved with bricks, a style favored by demons.

One of our famous painted electrical boxes, this one featuring cypress trees and a Munchkin.

“I can has cheeseburger?”

“Look at that idiot, pretending to be a LOLcat to try to get on the Internet.”

“Hey, have you seen my pruning shears?  I’m supposed to trim these bushes.”

See the ninja among the weeds?  Of course not.  There is no ninja in there.

An Intefe robot taking refuge from the heat in the shade.

According to the giant green beetle, this passageway leads to a world populated by someone calling himself Casper the Friendly Goat.  I have been warned not to bring canned goods there.  (Apparently he is very sensitive about the stereotype.)

An Intefe robot taking a snooze by some of his/her flowers.

Just an experiment with photographing flowers, which my camera’s autofocus makes tricky.  These were quickly eaten by Casper the Friendly Goat, who refused to allow me to photograph him.

Enjoy, share the weirdness, and beware of Casper the Friendly Goat.

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