Thursday, July 14, 2005

Zombie syndrome-induced bonus material


1) Barry has noted that a few copies of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince have been accidentally sold ahead of time. This has led to “overkill” efforts to retrieve said books out of a fear that the reading experience of the rest of us who haven’t received our copies yet might be spoiled. Personally I doubt that would happen; books in the series have been getting progressively longer (the last one was over 800 pages), so anyone getting a copy a few days early probably would still not be finished by the official release date and thus would still not be able to spoil the ending for anyone else. Obviously this whole incident is the work of Lord Voldemort.

2) Rupert, Iphigenia, Hungry Hungry, Sweetie, and Hazel wish me to inform you that this Sunday at 8 PM, PBS will be showing a very special episode of Nature, “Hippo Beach”. They encourage everyone to watch. In a related note, Robert “Bobby Awesome” Olsen encourages everyone to not watch.

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