Friday, July 1, 2005

1 July 2005/24 Siwan 5765 (Build A Scarecrow Day/Canada Day)


I’m back from Toronto. I hope to post something on that soon. However, I have an important message from Jehosaphat and Dinah Olsen:
    We would like to apologize for the actions of our son, Robert Orville Olsen. In punishment for his posting on your blog, he will be grounded for the rest of the summer and not allowed to leave home except to go to summer school, even though he claims there are pygmy hippopotamuses in the backyard that will harass him if he stays home. Really, we don't know where he gets such ideas. In addition, he will be tutored in English by Mr. Crabtree, who has agreed to do this in exchange for not being sued for aiding and abetting the corruption of a minor. We are sorry for any trouble he has caused.
On a related noted, the Legion for a Better Tomorrow through Promotion of the GOP’s Agenda has awarded the $5 bounty for the revelation of the secret identity of Bobby Awesome to his parents.

Authorized weird things should resume on Sunday (God willing).

Shabbath shalom.

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